Members Information



From 20 February 2013
These fees are payable to use rink at 4A Railway Avenue, Upper Hutt
The Club operates a three tier card (fee) system for Financial Members only.
Full and Part Cards are invoiced and payable at the start of each quarter June - August, September - November, December - February, and March - May.
Patch Cards are invoiced and payable at the start of each school term.
1. Full card allowed to skate any number of times during the Club's time.
2. Part card still in Patch Class and allowed to skate one (1) other nominated day during club time.
OR allowed to skate only one (1) nominated day per week during club time.
Members on a Part Card can not change their nominated day without notifying the Club Captain and/or Treasurer first. Failure to get permission to change will result in the member being charged the daily charge for any extra days.
3. Patch card allowed to skate only during Patch time.
Fees are If paid in full before due date
Full card $150.00 per quarter ($600 per year)
Part card $ 90.00 per quarter ($360 per year)
Patch card $ 50.00 per term ($200 per year)
Payment can be made by Internet Banking, Automatic Payment or by EFTPOS at the Rink
NOTE If payment is not received by the due date a PENALTY FEE of TWENTY-FIVE (25%) may be added to due amount.
1. Every quarter/term to be paid in full, except for a new member, when the Committee will decide on the fee. No refund will be given for partially used quarters/terms.
2. Fees for the current quarter/term are to be paid in full by the due date otherwise the member will not be allowed to use the rink.
3. If a skater from another NZFRS club wishes to use the rink the fee is $10.00 per hour
4. Skaters from NZFRS affiliated clubs regularly using the rink at least once a month must become an associate member.
5. Club skaters on a part card wanting extra time must pay $8.00 per session. The same fee is payable by a Club non card holder
6. Club skaters who are not on a card but wish to use the club facilities for off skate training only will pay a fee of $4.00 per session.
7. Members wishing to change to a lower fee card must notify the Club Captain and/or Treasurer before the start of the next quarter/term. Any fees outstanding for the current quarter/term must still be paid in full.
8. Members wishing to change to a higher fee card must notify the Club Captain and/or Treasurer prior to increasing their rink usage. The Committee will advise the fee to be charged for the increased usage during the current quarter and the higher card fee will be invoiced from the start of the next quarter.
9. Where there are more than two skaters from the same family residing at the same address, card fees will be charged for the 2 highest cards applicable and then at 50% of the applicable card for any other skaters.
10. Only members on a full card may purchase a key as per "Key Rules".
11. Disco Charges
a) No charge for any member paying a Card fee.
b) $4.00 for all other Club members.

Kiwi Speed skaters will pay $45.00 per school term while using Upper Hutt Riverstone Recreation hall for the Kiwi Speed class the Club organises time for