Regional Champs

We’ve got to say a big ‘Well Done’ to all our Upper Hutt skaters who competed at Regional Champs this weekend. Here are the results:

Cadet International Figures   1st Katie Hawley, 2nd  Jessie Pitiroi Esquire Figures  1st Janine Price Advanced Masters Figures  2nd Paula Boulcott Youth International Figures  1st Victoria Edwards Junior International Figures  1st Mitsuko Nam

Tiny Tots Freeskating  1st  Iris Percy-Boulcott AWD Freeskating  1st Artemis Percy-Boulcott Juvenile International Freeskating  1st Jessie Pitiroi Cadet International Freeskating 1st Katie Hawley

Cadet International Solo Dance  1st Katie Hawley  2nd Jessie Pitiroi Youth International Solo Dance  1st Victoria Edwards Junior International Solo Dance  1st Mitsuko Nam Senior International Solo Dance 1st Natasha Boulcott  2nd Josie Durney Masters Solo Dance  1st Janine Price  2nd Paula Boulcott Masters CSD  1st Janine Price   2nd Paula Boulcott Masters Couples Dance  1st Roger and Paula Boulcott