Nationals – Assistant Manager

As part of the organisation process, the Nationals team is looking for an assistant manager. This role supports the team manager so would need to be at the venue for the whole event. Please lt me know by return email if you are interested in this role or would like to discuss it further.

East/West Combined Regionals

This competition has been cancelled due to a lack of RollArt judges and time as the schedule would have been reduced. Entry fees will be credited back to the club, please let us know if you would like these applied to your skating account to be used for Open Day.

National Development Squad

Just a quick reminder about the Development Squad being held over Queens Birthday weekend. There is still time to sign up for this, the form is up at the rink if you are interested. It will be an exciting weekend that includes things like nutrition, dance/choreography and skating skills. It’s a great opportunity to access information that has been delivered at overseas seminars from top coaches and other experts in the world of skating.

Open Day

Could all skaters who have a trophy from Open Day 2018 please give them a clean and return these to the kitchen so we can start preparing for this competition being held in June.


Patch classes start back next week on Tuesday 30 May – we look forward to seeing you all back ready and raring to go.

Quite a few skaters have purchased their own skates over recent months – do you know what to do to look after your skates? Megan and Liz have kindly offered to teach anyone interested how to do this. They both have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to skates and how to look after them, Liz also owns Skatewell and will have some supplies available for purchase on the night. Looking after your skates means they will wear and perform better. See you then!

Please remember the expectations for Patch:

Be ready to start at 5:30 – if you arrive 15 minutes before hand, you will have plenty of time to sort out skates and such.

Please sit and wait for patch to start – there are often skaters on the rink being coached, if there’s lots of noise at the side of the rink, it can be difficult to hear.  Also racing around the chairs can be a bit of a safety issue, we don’t want anyone to get hurt!

Rember to enter the rink quietly, and line up against the barrier wall that has ‘heads’ written on it.

It’s helpful to have your water bottle long the side of the rink so you don’t miss out on any instructions your coach might be giving.

If your coach is talking to the group, please be respectful and keep as still as possible (no rolling around) so everyone can hear.

If you have to leave the rink, please talk with your patch coach.

You are on the rink for 45 minutes so there is a lot to get through so concentrating on what you are doing is important, please let others get on with what their own practice as well.

We are heading into winter so it is going to get cold – please wear fitted layers that you can remove easily, like thermals, and have a good range of movement in.  Anything bulky like hoodies or puffer jackets will restrict movement and make somethings hard to do well.  Feel free to wear gloves and beanies.

thank you!